Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 End of Year Book Review!

Aaaahhhh.....I love this time of year - time for my end of year book review!!! I read 52 books this year, a little less than usual, but I read some DEEP and INTENSE books. The Kitchen House and Glory Over Everything were REALLY good books (similar to The Help), Rescuing Hope was an amazing book about sex trafficking, Trail of Broken Wings - a book about abuse in an Indian family, When I'm Gone - a book about a woman with cancer who leaves notes to be delivered to her family/husband after her death - I read some GOOD books! This year, I chose only 2 categories: fiction and non-fiction. Here goes!

Without a doubt, I chose The Tears of Dark Water by Corban Addison for my Fiction Book of the Year! I love everything Corban Addison has written, and I have never read anything like this: piracy off the coast of Africa, a father and son sailing alone, a wife at home waiting for them. I loved this book!

I read some really good nonfiction this year - I loved Killing Reagan by Bill O'Reilly, but I decided my Non Fiction Book of the Year had to go to Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuckoff. I read this, I read it to Blu, I got it for Blu's dad, and he loved it, and I just got it for my Dad as well! It is a true story World War II plane crash novel - the story of 3 survivors, their encounters with natives in the jungle, and the harrowing mission to rescue them! Another great read!

This year, I am sad to say I did not read a lot of Christian fiction. I am having trouble finding Christian novels that I feel are really GOOD books. I would love some recommendations in the comments!! (My friend Amy just told me Charles Martin is a good one!) Have a good reading year in 2017!

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