Monday, August 28, 2017

Fun Weekend!

We are not in an area affected by Hurricane Harvey, but we have a lot of family down there (my aunt in Richwood, my cousin and his family in Angleton, Blu's aunt in Cleveland, and lots of extended family in Lake Jackson, and many friends!) It is horrible to watch! We have only gotten a little rain here in Brownwood/Early/Bangs, Texas, so we had a great weekend.

Looks like we have another trumpet player in the house!

The kids were SO excited to ride the bus for the first time on Friday!

Cason, AJ, and Sam walking to Paw and Bmaw's!

A fun Friday night with family at the pool!

Look at those whales! ;)

Caedmon had trouble putting down his book, Divergent!


Such fun with the whales!

And a campfire with hot dogs to end the evening! (Yes, even in August!)

Shade and Uncle Robin were there too!

Uncle Robin & AJ

I had fun getting some decor for the kids' rooms to help make our mission house feel more like "home!"

Cason has his own "space" in his and Caedmon's room!

They loved their new posters!

Saturday was a day of cross country practice, shopping for Caedmon, and....their first middle school dance!

They had a blast! Cambree danced a lot and had fun - Caedmon didn't dance at all (or talk to a girl), but he had fun too! ;)

Blu took Cason bowling while the older kids were at the dance! (I got a mani/pedi!)

On Sunday we drove about 90 miles to Tolar, Texas to speak at FBC - so pretty! Tolar is a town of 612 people...with church attendance of 250!

We enjoyed our afternoon with Johnny Boy and Pat - nap time!

And sweet tea :)

They're so cute!

The kids opted to stay with grandparents...and Cason and AJ spent the whole afternoon playing this card game that I don't understand at all called "Yugio" or something like that..

Look at those faces - think they're having fun!

We have a normal school week ahead, and on Friday morning we leave for a weekend in La Grange, GA with our great friends at Rosemont Baptist Church!

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