Friday, August 18, 2017

Meanwhile at New Day....

I know many of you are wondering how things are going at New Day! I would encourage you to become friends with Laurie Walter Wilcox on fb if you are not so that you can get pictures and updates of what's going on!

Lorna Batten and 3 of her children came to organize the New Day kitchen and re-decorate the orphan houses with BRAND NEW ITEMS! I can't wait to see them!

Papa Wes & Mama Lala used the Weigh-a-Wes money to buy trampolines for the New Day kids! (and adults... ;)

We also got another boy!! Chileleko, which means "Blessing," is a true blessing to New Day. He is also a miracle. He is 3 months old, and he was traveling with his parents to a family funeral on a bus. That bus crashed, and his mother and 6 other family members were killed. His father is alive but in the hospital. As the police were leaving the scene, someone looked in the back of the bus, and Chileleko was lying on the back seat, uninjured. New Day was given custody of Chileleko by Social Welfare, and we will have him until he completes 12th grade.

Look at those eyes!

Gertrude welcoming her new little brother!

He's adorable!

Mama Dee and Papa Ron have been taking care of this little guy for the first few weeks until some of our housemothers get back from their vacations!

He must like his milk!


I can't wait to see this smile for myself!

Or this glare... :)

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