Sunday, August 13, 2017

Costa Rica - 40 Year Vow Renewal!

Back in 1977, Paw was 20, and Bmaw was 18. She was a senior in high school, and they were planning a wedding for that summer. It was turning into something Bmaw didn't want, so they up and decided to elope on April 1, 1977. Bmaw finished out her senior year, 3 little boys (Cloud, Blu, and Shade) came along, and 40 years we are. :) Since they didn't have a "real" wedding, they decided to do a simple wedding in the woods near Cloud's house. It was a gorgeous ceremony led by Blu with all of the grandkids participating. The word that went through my mind all day long is "BLESSED."

Here are 84 of my favorite pics from the hundreds that were taken today. I tried to put them in some sort of order, but 84 is a lot of pictures...

Dress code = white! Waiting for their ride down into the woods!

How many selfies can we take in one day? A lot. :)

Me and Bmaw (which stands for Big Maw, which the kids have shortened over the years to Bmaw!)

Bmaw and her granddaughters - Cambree, Keysi, and Andie

We call this look the "Tidwell Smolder"

Caedmon looking good!

Me and Caity

Me and Cambree ready to go!

I didn't get the memo about a white dress until 1 week before we left! So I got on to Amazon and ordered 2 cheap dresses, praying one would work!

Paw & Caed

Cambree said, "Paw! Let me take a picture with my favorite grandpa under the age of 65!"

I love my Paw!

Lots of selfies...

This was the "wedding aisle" walkway in the woods!

Caedmon walked Bmaw down the aisle and gave her away. :)

Here come the flower girls!

The vows were so special!

Shade sang the song "Remember When" with the words changed to fit their lives, while Brenden and AJ held up pictures of them over the last 40 years! I might have cried through the whole song!

Cason was the handsome little ring bearer!

More vows...

The epic kiss - followed by 7 grandkids saying, "Eeeww!!"

We hung around afterwards to get tons of photos!

The girls!

It was a little muddy, so we were watching our step!

Cason was so sweet...he said, "Bmaw, can I get a picture with you too?"

Ready for 7th grade football!

Cloud and Rita

More kissing!


Andie and AJ

My 3 favorite guys!

My favorite pictures from the day....

I love these of Bmaw with her boys!

Bmaw and her daughters-in-law


Silly boys!

These two are best buds..

There's that smolder again...

Pretty Caity!

Be still my heart!

She's a little bit pretty...ya think? ;)

My baby...

Cloud, Rita, Brenden, and Keysi

The best picture we could get of all 16 of us!

Pretty Keysi

Cambree with the photobomb :)

They were both glowing!

Paw with his daughters-in-law!

And the best picture we could get of the 7 grandkids...

Shade & Andie

Shade & Caity

The three brave ladies who married Tidwell men ;)

The original 5!

Rita ordered this gorgeous cake, which was a surprise to Paw and Bmaw!

It was such a special day of celebration and remembering! BLESSED.

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