Friday, August 11, 2017

Costa Rica - Back to San Jose!

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On Friday, it was time to head back to San Jose for the rest of our trip! It was pouring in the morning, so Caedmon and Cason headed over to Paw & Bmaw's room! This is the hot tub at the back of their room!

We stopped in San Ramon for some authentic Costa Rican cuisine :)

Seven cousins and a random Pikachu in the mall!

Once we arrived back in town and got settled, it was time for the wedding prep! Paw & Bmaw are doing a vow renewal tomorrow in the woods, so they took a hike to scope out the best place!

Then us girls headed to the flower shop to pick out a bouquet! The curvy roads in Costa Rica make me nervous!

Flower shop!

Trying to explain what she Spanish... ;)

Got it! Ready for a beautiful ceremony tomorrow!

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