Sunday, August 6, 2017

America sweet America!

We have had a busy and fun first few days in the USA! It was great to see our kids, who stay up SO late now due to the fact that the sun refuses to set at a decent hour here!! ;) We spent Wednesday getting all moved in to the mission house, which always feels like a second home to us! Then, it was on to other activities...

One of the first things I do is get my nails done! 5 months of pretty nails! :)

Cambree got a cute pedicure! (She's so tan!!)

We also have spent some time getting the kids ready for school! School supply shopping/unloading/labeling was chaotic!

We have been to Walmart FOUR times in five days...

You never know what (or who) you will find at Walmart!

We also took a road trip to Temple to attend the funeral of Teacher Carolyn's dad. I rode in the back with this crew!

Teacher Deb drove up to ride with us!

Teacher Carolyn and her mama looked good.

We have eaten at the donut shop, Sonic, Domino's, Jason's Deli, McAlister's, and Dairy Queen. Twice. ;)

On Saturday, we drove to Abilene to watch my best friend Whitney's daughter play in a tennis tournament (like a real, these kids can really play, tennis tournament. I was super impressed. Remember us when you go pro, Hannah!) We also picked up the car we will drive during furlough from Whitney's mom, my Robbo!

About 400 degrees outside..

But we still look good! #ineedsunglasses

And then, on Sunday, we spoke at Coggin Avenue Baptist Church in a young adult Sunday School class. The Sunday School teachers are old family friends from Bartlett, TX back in the day! After church (which was amazing....English praise music...great sermon...Lord's Supper...), we headed to their house for pizza and swimming!

It was 405 degrees...

So great to visit with friends! I used to babysit Jacob when he was 7 years old....

So we haven't slowed down much! Tomorrow we are headed to get the kids registered at a new school (public school for the Tidwells!), get shots for our incoming 7th grader, and somehow get the key replaced that we lost to our house in 4 short days... Then we are headed to Houston where we will fly with Blu's entire family to Costa Rica for his parents' 40th anniversary vow renewal! We are excited for a true "break" before we hit the ground running in the USA with school, busy schedules, and sharing about New Day every weekend!

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