Friday, August 11, 2017

Bangs Dragons!

The Tidwell kids are in for a change this Fall as we are making the switch from private school to public school! In Zambia, our kids get a very good academic experience with small class sizes and a Christian environment. One of the big things they miss is extra curricular activities. This Fall, we were excited to attend their small Christian school again, which would give Caedmon the opportunity to play football, run cross-country, and for Cambree to be a cheerleader. However, enrollment in the school dropped by half, classes were combined, and some extra-curricular activities were cancelled. After some talk (with Blu's dad, who is on the Bangs ISD school board and with another trusted friend who works at the school) and some prayer, we decided to make the switch to 3A Bangs ISD for our kids for this Fall! Cason will be in a class of about 18 kids, Cambree & Caedmon will have the opportunities to be in the band and learn an instrument, and Caedmon will get to play football and run cross country! We are so excited for this opportunity for our kids!

Caedmon in the 7th grade hallway!

When Cambree found out she'd have her own locker, she was sold!

Cason outside of his new school - the principals we met were both SO kind!

Dragon Pride!

Checking out the football field and track!

Middle school ready!

I thought the kids might have stronger opinions about switching schools, but they were really excited - I guess they're pretty well-adjusted kids! ;)

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