Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Costa Rica - Last Day!

Well 10 days is certainly a LONG trip! We are all ready to go home (unpack!) and get a little quality time with our "just us" families, but we have had an amazing time with family. There was bonding, there were deep conversations, there were dumb conversations, there was cousin time, and there was FUN. We are already talking about the Tidwell Family Vacation for 2019!

After spending the morning packing, we headed to Jump Center for 2 hours of fun on trampolines!

We all loved the air jump!

Caed was pretty fearless!

Go Cambree!

Uncle Cloud (former gymnast) is always fun to watch!

All smiles!

Caity and I might have had more fun than my kids... ;)

Lots of jousting matches! I beat Brenden! (So what if he's only 9?!)

Shade and Blu

The rock climbing wall was scary!

Cason falling into the foam pit from the highest row! (Uncle Shade might have gotten stuck in the foam pit...several times...laying on his back flailing his arms and legs like a turtle...!!)

Brenden and Cason have become Minecraft buddies, and these are the smiles I get when I beg them to look at me and smile for the picture!

And my absolute favorite thing we did in Costa Rica....this right here. We DIED laughing and are STILL laughing! Paw and Bmaw loved it!! :)

The Seven Tidwell Cousins saying good night - won't be together again until Christmas! :(

Tomorrow it's a 4am wakeup call, 4:45am taxi to the airport, a 3 hour flight to Miami, a 3 hour flight to Houston, and a 5 hour drive to Brownwood, and we'll be HOME..for a while, at least! :)

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