Friday, August 11, 2017

Time for Vacation! ( is rough...)

We were so blessed to be able to go to Costa Rica for 10 days with Blu's family! This is his parents' 40th wedding anniversary year! For their 30th, they flew the whole family to Cancun for a great trip. This year, they paid over half of our way to go to Costa Rica! We feel blessed, but not because we get to go to Costa Rica. We are blessed because Paw and Bmaw have shown us an amazing example of love - in every single picture you see you can see the adoration they have for each other all over their faces! We are also blessed that Blu's family is so close - he and his brothers are absolutely crazy together but they all bring out the best in each other. Tidwell family reunions are FUN. And crazy. But mostly fun! :)

Costa Rica wasn't a random pick for the vacation. Blu's brother and his family have lived there for about 5 years (and about 5 years before that in Acapulco!). Cloud speaks fluent Spanish, has a house, a car, it makes visiting a foreign country a little bit easier! We are so grateful for all the hassle Cloud & Rita went to before we came to be ready for 16 people to invade their house! Here are Cloud, Rita, Keysi, and Brenden!

We left Brownwood on Monday for the 4 1/2 hour drive to Houston!

Paw & B-Maw left the day before to make 2 unit set deliveries to Houston.

Shade, Caity, Andie, and AJ left the same day as us - all meeting up at our airport hotel!

We like to refer to all of us at the "Tidwell Tornado." If you know us at all, you know that's completely accurate... ;)

After a yummy IHOP supper, we checked out the hotel pool!

Apparently there was a flash flood in the middle of the night! I slept through it all, and we were up bright and early for our breakfast and trip to the airport!

Blu's seat buddies - Cason & AJ!

Me, Cambree, & Andie!

Paw, Bmaw, & Caedmon

Caedmon wanted to sit next to Paw but soon found he wasn't a very fun seat buddy...

Shade and Caity

Arrived in Costa Rica! And they let us in!! ;)

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