Friday, August 25, 2017

Some Routine!

Ahhh....that's my "school has started and now we have somewhat of a routine" sigh! :) Here is a look at our last week!

Cambree got about 6 inches off of her hair and layers - it's adorable!

Cason competed in a Ninja Warrior Competition at our gymnastics place last weekend! He was awesome!

Stretching before the competition..

The group of competitors

Here he is standing to receive his ranking - he got 5th in his age group (8-10 year olds, and he's 8!)

It was HOT...

The next day we headed to Lipan, Texas (about 90 miles away) to speak at Alex & Vanessa's church. We showed a video during the morning service, spent the afternoon visiting, and then spoke about New Day during the evening service!

That's a lot of loud lovely kids!

Lots of interesting things to do in Lipan - see the world's largest cedar rocking chair, for one!

And visit the Garrett Farm! My African kids look like city folk!!

Let's go for a ride!

And then it was time for the first day of school! Caedmon started 7th grade!

Cambree is in 6th!

And Cason is in 4th!

So grown up! And very excited to not wear uniforms!

When the kids went to school, we headed out to Paw & Bmaw's to work and see the eclipse!

It has been a great first week of school! Caedmon started football practice and cross country practice. He came home from the first day of football practice upset because the coach yelled at him for being a "funny guy" when he asked where Caedmon was from and Caedmon responded with "Africa!" When the other kids stepped in to tell the coach he actually is from Africa, the coach apologized! Caedmon is exhausted, his legs are sore, and he said he's never done anything as hard as football!

Cambree loves picking out her clothes each night!

Skyping with Mama Dee & Grandpa before school!

Caedmon & Cambree are in band and will both be learning the trumpet!

At the end of an eventful week, we headed to Underwood's for a Friday lunch date! :)

On our schedule for the weekend - open gym time, the kids' first middle school dance, a sleepover, and speaking at FBC Tolar, Texas!

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