Saturday, September 2, 2017

Another Week Down!

Another week in the USA is done! Here is a look at what's keeping us busy!

During the week, we are spending a lot of time with Blu's parents out at their house. Blu is working with his dad, and I am helping his mom with her business some...and eating her yummy lunches!

Deputy Tidwell came by to inspect Blu's French Door!

Caedmon is in the throes of football and cross country practice! Go #1!

Cason said the kids in his class laughed when he didn't know who Elvis Presley he checked out a book! ;) And now he knows.

Cason also started soccer practice this week! He is on the Titans team, and his first game is Sept 9th!

No pictures of Cambree for some reason, but she had gymnastics, practiced her trumpet, loves Wednesday night church, and had her nose stuck in a book most of the week!

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