Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day Weekend - Saturday

Saturday was a glorious day in Georgia! (Ok, maybe a little melodramatic, but Georgia is seriously beautiful! Just wait for these pics!)

After sleeping in and a nice breakfast, we headed to the Hancock's farm for a day of fun! (Rachel Hancock came and volunteered for 2 months at New Day in early 2016! She was the one who took Cambree horseback riding in Zambia!)

The kids loved the day!

So did the "big kids!"

This was our backseat crew for most of the weekend!

Cambree & Abby

I LOVE my time with Amy! We got a little sun....

I wobbled all the way down this rope!

See....told you it was gorgeous!

We rode a gator down to the pond for some fishing!


Fun on the Gator!

I caught a fish...AND I drove a Gator!

The kids also got to ride horses! Caedmon isn't fond of horse-like animals after he was kicked by a zebra in April!

He looks thrilled...

Cambree loved it!

Mrs. Ruth said Cason was a natural equestrian!

She showed them how to give the horses their meds too!


Can you see Caedmon fishing?

The pool was a blast!

The kids and Blu all laugh at me as we drive because I just sigh the whole time and talk about how beautiful it is!

A selife on the Gator with our fishing poles!

Thank you Mrs. Ruth and Kirk (who had to leave early for the Auburn game!) for the amazing day at your farm!!

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