Monday, September 11, 2017

Last Week

I meant to post this on Friday, but I was too busy going on a date with my handsome husband and watching some Friday Night Football! Here is a look at last week!

Caedmon had his first cross country meet! He ran 1.2 miles in Eula, Texas with 109 other boys! I drove the hour to watch his race, and he was happy to see me beforehand!

That's a lot of boys!

Nearing the end!

He finished 65th out of 109 (7th and 8th grade combined), and said he thought he had a bad race! He has another one today that is 2 miles, so he hopes to improve his time!

You never know who you will run into at Walmart!

Almost every morning, we video message Mama Dee and Grandpa on the way to school!

Cason is so excited to be a "Little Dragon!" He was assigned #24 - Dagan - to be his "Big Dragon," and he had a blast at the introduction party last week!

He got a Dragon shirt...

...that all the football players signed!

On Friday, Blu takes off of work and we relax, do laundry, pack for the weekend, and go on a lunch date! Chili's was this week!

We attended the high school football game on Friday night - Cason & AJ liked the cheerleaders! :)

Love seeing these two together!

Paw and the grandkids, minus 2!

I made Blu drive by (and stop) at the house where my Grandma grew up from 1926 until about 1934!

Cambree is super excited to be running for Student Council - she had to make 2 posters over the weekend!

On Saturday morning, we headed to Cason's first soccer game with his U10 team, the Titans! They lost, but everyone had fun!

It is not NEARLY as hot as it was 2 years ago at this time watching Caedmon's games!

It killed him to watch, but he tried to give Cason some coaching tips!

Go #66!

Look - they let an old man onto the field! :)

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