Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day Weekend - Sunday

Sunday was another beautiful day in Georgia, starting with worship at one of our very favorite churches!

Blu gave an update in 3 services and we popped in on some youth Sunday School classes. We talked to LOTS of people from past teams and enjoyed everything about the morning! We got to meet some new friends at lunch who really poured wisdom and encouragement into us, and we are grateful for that!

In the afternoon, we headed to another church family's land for some "red-neckin!" Is that a word? We had a great time riding 4 wheelers and shooting guns, followed by burgers and a campfire!

It was so fun to ride around some of this 300 acres of land! The gun range is an abandoned railroad track that they have removed the ties on - so neat!

Blu & Cambree on a 4 wheeler! (Don't worry, I didn't ride one, Dad!)

Cason was just posing - he rode with Blu!

Blu checking out New Day Orphanage on Adam's virtual reality toy!

He's kinda handsome, huh??

They filled an old washing machine with explosives, and Adam blew it up!

The kids had a blast with Gracie driving them around on the golf cart!

I was part of the cheering squad! Not one tiny part of me wants to shoot a gun..ever!

Ready for the noise!

Cason took 2 shots and hit the target the second time!

Cambree took one shot and got the target!

Colten, Jonas, and Cason

Jennifer, Chris, Amy, and Adam - thank ya'll for an amazing time!

How to even explain these next pictures?! Adam is a "man of many talents" - he recently googled how to test for malaria and has been practicing, so Blu let him test his blood! :)

But first, he had to prick himself...

The result = no malaria!

These two have had a blast this weekend! :)

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