Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day Weekend - Friday!

We are so blessed to be able to spend Labor Day weekend with our very good friends in La Grange, Georgia! We were unable to attend their Global Impact Missions Conference later this month, but we had Labor Day weekend free, so we were able to fly our family to Rosemont to see old friends and give the church an update on ministry at New Day! We stayed with Adam & Amy Camp (the pastor) and their family, who have become like family to us after spending 2 separate months at New Day over the past few years! We arrived on Friday just in time for a get-together with past volunteer teams!

Cambree, Ben Griffin (aka New Day Heartthrob), and Blu

Blu on his 3rd dessert of the night (I caught him!) and Kevin, Mallory's husband!

Blu checking out the Camps' amazing cleaning robot!

Cambree & Abby

Lots of little ones around!

Me and Mal :)

Jonas, Caedmon, and Cason...ready for...whatever!

The Camp kids and Tidwell kids are like cousins!

Mallory, Kim, and Kaymee

The night ended with a Q&A session and prayer time for us!

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