Sunday, November 6, 2016

November is here!

I always love the month of November - two of my kids' birthdays, which means parties to plan, plus Thanksgiving, which I love, and November is also the month of our family vacation! Lots to look forward to! But first, a look back at Halloween!

Our very own Zack Morris... :)

Cambree was a gumball machine!

I made candy corn shortbread cookies to hand out to my trick-or-treaters!

Cason's costume was a HIT - the upside down man!

We all just kept cracking up!

Our trick-or-treating group!

So fun to have the Holder family here with us!

Teacher Carolyn had popcorn bags for the kids!

Mama Dee & Grandpa had lots of treats from Livingstone!

Aunt Staci had Smarties!

Blu & CH hanging out..

We have had tons of bees at New Kids Club, we were in the middle of singing when everyone looked up and then started running! Tons of bees were flying directly over us trying to find a place for a new nest - it was scary! (Anyone remember the movie My Girl...)

Blu & Josh have been busy working on the website!

We snuck away to buy team groceries last Friday...yes, we do have a pizza place 45 minutes from us!

These two are pretty inseparable..most of the time...

5am...quiet time and a workout for me and homework for Cason!

Jacey pulled Edna's front tooth on her 6th birthday!

Smiley girl :)

Toothless now!

Just a little Saturday evening Hip Hop Abs...

Mama Yolantah is doing well! I love seeing the kids cuddle up to her and run to her - we are glad she is a part of the New Day family!

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