Friday, November 25, 2016

New Day's End of Year Program!

We certainly did miss our Principal Mama Lala this school term, but we made it through and completed the 2016 school year this week! We decided to do an end of year program to showcase some of the students' work for their parents/houseparents! It was a blast! Here is a glimpse of the classes and the things they presented, which was followed by cookies, cokes, and deviled eggs!

Hanging out waiting for the program to start!

Stanley and Emmanuel all dressed up and ready to go!

The kids were a little nervous with everyone watching!

So was Teacher Darbi... ;)

Jacey's Preschool class went first! Edna showed us how she can use her fingers to count 1-10!

Stanley had the most classic case of stage fright ever! He was supposed to sing the ABC's, but he would open his mouth and NOTHING came out! :)

But he's still cute.. :)

Madalitso's Pre-K Science class showed us several things that float in water, and several that don't! They were adorable!

Diana's Kindergarteners did an adorable presentation about nursery rhymes! They recited them and acted them out - Lulu smashed an egg for Humpty Dumpty, Emmanuel had made his own clock with a mouse crawling up and down it, and Kefbert aka Jack jumped over a candlestick!

Melvin's Kindergarten Science class explained all about how they grew plants this year!

Melvin's Grade 1 CTS class showed us things they made out of paper, clay, and grass!

Love these girls' smiles!

Abby's Grade 2 Bible class did a great skit on Queen Esther and Mordecai!

My Grade 4 Reading class told 4 Tall Tales - here is sweet Slew Foot Sue, who REALLY wanted to back out, but I wouldn't let her. ;)

Francis told the tall tale of Mose the Firefighter!

Misheck read the tall tale that he wrote himself, about a man named Mark who went on a fishing trip!

Muchoni did an excellent job telling the story of John Henry!

Hildah's 5th and 6th grade Tonga class stole the show with their skit. They did a skit about a girl who became an orphan and went to live with her aunt and uncle, where they abused her. It was so extremely sad. In the end, she went to the police to tell them what was happening, and her aunt and uncle were arrested. The kids then thanked their houseparents and teachers for the way we treat them here and sang a song called "We are blessed." Oh my heart.

Ryan's 5th Grade Science class explained about kinetic and potential energy using rubber bands!

Mama Dee's 5th grade Language Arts class (just Cambree!) shared her wheel projects after explaining that they read a book about the first ferris wheel. Cambree made a ferris wheel, made a wheel game for the Pre-K class, and repurposed an old wheel into something new!

Carolyn's 6th grade Language Arts class shared about The Hobbit that they read this year!

Papa Ron's Grade 6 Science (just Caedmon!) shared what he learned this term - genetics, periodic table of elements, solids, liquids, and gases!

When the program was over, we said goodbye to Teacher Madalitso, who will begin Nursing school in January! What he said touched me - in his quiet, shy voice he said that he would forever be grateful for New Day because this place was where he met the most important person in his life - Jesus Christ.

This girl right here...Hildah is our Head Teacher and she is incredible. She ran the show and did an incredible job!

That's a wrap! School starts again January 9th!

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