Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hanging of the Green 2016

But first, some cereal....

On Saturday, it rained for about 18 hours straight! It was wonderful, cool, muddy, and fabulous!

Grandpa & Cason ready for church!

Raston is a cutie, but he's also a HANDFUL! I'm happy to report he is standing and moving around - he may be a few months behind developmentally, but our guess is he'll be running in no time! (Poor Mama Zelly!!)

On Sunday afternoon at 4pm, we had our Hanging of the Green service at New Day. Each year, we gather everyone to have the kids put their ornaments on the tree. This year, we decided to do one of Papa Ron's traditional Hanging of the Green services that he has led for years!

Ready to go!

Wes & Laurie bought this gorgeous tree in the USA and put it on a container here - it's beautiful!

Papa Ron ready to go!

Mama Dee read The Legend of the Candy Cane

Jacey had her hands full with Raston..who wants to be in your lap, then down, then crawling, then walking, then screaming, etc....

This was what the tree looked like afterwards! I have such amazing memories of Hanging of the Green services growing up - how awesome to have one at New Day!

So during the service, Dad goes through the alphabet from A to Z. The letters stand for things Christmas-related: A is for Angels, M is for Mary, and so on. He stops at each letter, and if your name starts with that letter, you come and hang your ornament on the tree. You can sing a song, place your ornament in memory or honor of someone, or just hang it. PLEASE don't make me caption the next 53 pictures....but enjoy the hanging of the ornaments! I think we got a pic of everyone except for Blu, who was the photographer!

And....I am officially on vacation!

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