Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to Cason and Happy Thanksgiving to You!

Thursday was both Thanksgiving and Cason's 8th birthday! We are blessed by our little spitfire of joy, laughter, and cuddles! Cason Mark makes our family complete!

He came into our room at 5:37am to open presents, but we told him he had to wait until 6am. He came back at 6:06am yelling, "I gave you extra minutes!" Thanks, buddy.

We were thrilled to be up so early! :)

He loved getting B-Maw's book and $50!

A Crazy Frog t-shirt from Mama Dee & Grandpa! (Check out Crazy Frog on youtube!)

A Mary Jane action figure from Spiderman...he was pretty pumped! #firstcrush

The TMNT movies!

Love that smile :)

Check out those suspenders and bow tie from Mama Dee & Grandpa!

So much Ninja turtles stuff...

After a morning of watching a movie, playing with toys, and playing Settlers of Catan with me & Blu, it was time to get ready for Thanksgiving!

I hosted the appetizer/parade watching party - Grandma's olive/artichoke appetizers!

Cambree enjoyed being the server!

A few games of ERS and Baptist Poker!

A sidenote photo of Cloud, Rita, and Keysi celebrating Thanksgiving in Costa Rica!

Hanging on the couch! (with my Mom & awesome is that!)

Me and Staci, who looked gorgeous!

Diana hanging out

Jacey & Mama

Love having my parents here! ,br>

We had some streaming difficulties so we cheated and watched the 2015 parade!

A selfie of us!

The first attempt, which cracks me up!

At 6pm, we headed over to Carolyn & Diana's for our Thanksgiving meal!

Sweet Daddy & daughter!

Carolyn had the most gorgeous place settings!

Dad & Carolyn

Deb & Diana

Much of our dinner conversation centered around Jacey's mixture of cranberries and mashed potatoes - a family tradition in her house!

And then afterwards, when she claimed her "food baby" was kicking, we all about DIED laughing!

The kids table!


Our end of day exhaustion/turkey coma!

To finish off Cason's birthday, we watched a Ninja turtles movie! (until 9pm...when we were all too tired to finish!)

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