Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Day in the Life...

It's been awhile since I've done a day in the life post, so I thought this week would be a good time to do it! Enjoy - A Day in My Life - Tuesday, November 15, 2016!

It's a school day! That means, my alarm goes off bright and early and I jump out of bed!

Time for quiet time with my new Kelly Minter study on 2 Corinthians!

At this point on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, I head to workout with some of the other ladies, but since it's a Tuesday, I have a little time to work on some New Day finances..

This little guy got up at 6am and begged to watch a show on the computer, so I obliged. :)

All dressed and ready for school - time for my breakfast of champions! Yes, I eat this EVERY single day - egg white omelette with veggies inside and Spark! (Kids eat cereal, granola bars/fruit/yogurt, or banana/cinnamon bread that I premake - Blu is on his own for breakfast!)

While eating breakfast, I looked outside and noticed the blooms on our gorgeous flamboyant tree! (Yes, it is that bright at 6:30am...)

Mom stops to get me for school - out the door we go at 7:30am!

First class from 8-9 is Grade 4 Math!

Followed from 9-10 with Grade 5 Math! (minus Cambree - she and Caedmon were home with a tummy bug!)

10-10:30 is my break time while the kids are at Snack/Recess - I usually grade papers and finish my Spark and have a sugar free granola bar!

10:30-11:30 is Grade 6 Math - only Machila today since Caedmon is out sick!

Hmm..with only Machila here and she's taking a test, I wonder if I can sneak out and put away some kids' clothes and shoes into the New Day clothes container! I grabbed Mom to help!

Done with my teaching morning at 11:30am! I headed home and found these two like this....

So I warmed up some leftover pulled pork over rice for lunch!

Caedmon is awake! I took my peanut butter m&ms into his bed and read a chapter of his Language Arts book to him.

Everyone is awake now - time to work on homework during lunch break...I'm a slave driver!

My lunch break always consists of doing supper prep - boiling some chicken for something to cook tonight!

It's almost 2pm and time to head back to afternoon school - this time walking with Dad!

2pm - 2:30pm is my Grade 4 Reading class - they're working on finishing up their Tall Tales for next week's end of year presentation!

I had a quick break while the kids were at P.E., so I snuck in a 7 minute ab workout on my classroom rug!

Then I supervised Homework Time from 3:00 to 3:30! (Notice how dark it is - electricity went off at 2pm).

I got excited walking home - a storm was building!

Sitting on the porch enjoying the cool temperatures and reading some Social Studies!

Look who's home!!

Which means it's time for me to count some money and do expenses from that day's Choma shopping trip!

And then it randomly started hailing!!!

Ok, so this was not a typical supper day! There was some leftover Pizza Hut from Monday's trip to Lusaka, so everyone else ate that, and I had an apple and peanut butter, with a coffee since the temp was in the 70s! (Yes, I realize I did not eat any veggies today...don't judge!)

After supper, we walked to Happy Hollow (I forgot pics!) and then enjoyed a family game of Jokers & Pegs!

Kids got in bed at 7:30pm and we moved to our spots on the couches!

After a quick shower, I got in bed to read for a little bit.. (John Grisham's new novel!)

I didn't make it very long...I usually stay up way later but I was tired!

And that's my day!

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