Friday, November 11, 2016

Cambree is 10!

Our Cambree Rain is 10 years old today! She is sunshine and laughter....witty and sharp.....imaginative and creative...tender....a friend to all...loves Jesus and Zambians with all her heart...She is my heart! Happy Birthday baby girl!

Our day started at 5:30am with cinnamon rolls and opening presents before school!

B-Maw's book and $50! Cambree said, "I've been wanting this book for a very long time!"

Caedmon thrilled to be awake watching someone open presents at 6am...

Cason, on the other hand, really was thrilled!

A pretty new dress!

Cason gave her 20 kwacha, and Caedmon made her a duct tape wallet!

Mangos from Teacher Debbie! (She also got a bag of goodies from Teacher Diana and 100 kwacha from Aunt Staci, but I didn't get pics!)

Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume

A purple poop pillow...apparently that's a big deal...

High heel shoes...finally..

A few new books!

And a notebook..

At lunch she opened Mama Dee & Grandpa's present and got an amazon gift card to buy Kindle books, plus a journal and some room decor! (She also got an amazon gift card from the Kimbroughs, so lots of money to buy new books on her iPad!)

For her party this year, we decided on a spa theme. If you have known me for any number of years, you know we go big for birthday parties...!! (I didn't really consider the exhaustion factor of doing 22 manicures, pedicures, and facials in 6 hours, but we survived, thanks to Mama Dee, Jacey, and Blu's help!)

Here is a look at the setup and decor. We had spa sandwiches, chips, fruit tray, cupcakes, lollipops, chocolate bars, marshmallows, spa lemonade, homemade facials, and a manicure/pedicure station!

Here is a glimpse of the facials, manicures, and pedicures! Such fun!

This is the crew that spent the night - Cambree went on and on about what a great party it was! They ate EVERYTHING I had set out (13 bags of chips!!!) and said their stomachs were going to burst! They giggled all night long and so far the only casualty has been one tooth knocked out on the trampoline!

I could not have done this party without Mom, who gave 22 manicures - Jacey, who gave 22 facials, and my Blu, who washed dishes, got a facial, made pizza, and washed MORE dishes! We are so proud of our sweet 10 year old girl! (2 weeks until Cason's party...I'll be in bed if anyone needs me...)

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