Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Do pictures HAVE to be chronological???

Here is what has been happening this past NO particular order at all...because I'm tired. ;)

We loved having the Holders here! Angie did a great job leading 2 cooking classes for the girls!

Cambree's candy stash after returning from a Choma shopping trip!

Church with my girl...

Hair with my girl... :)

These two are still the best of friends. ,br>

Quite possibly the greatest picture of all time...Carolyn didn't expect to get the WHOLE fish!

Cason had a "supper date" with Teacher Abby - he told me he even washed his ears, AND he took her a flower! He loved his meal of nshima and kapenta!

Is it safe to say that Cason looks a little bit like a Little Blu??

A random picture of my brother-in-law Cloud and sister-in-law Rita headed to their employee Christmas party in Costa Rica!

Back to the Holders...Edna and CH!

Sweet toothless Edna!

Grayson and Emmanuel

Grayson with his buddies!

We said bye to the Holders on the 18th!

Johnny Boy & Alex & Jacey were still here though!

Jacey & Angie with the preschool madness!

Johnny Boy singing Sweet Little Jesus Boy in church. He and Alex left Monday the 21st.

Josh with Stanley

We were finally able to deliver the school supplies that were donated by VBS kids in 2015 to Kabanga Basic School - they were so grateful!

A little different from the New Day school...

The Headmaster's Office

Lulu, Emmanuel, and Kefbert finished up Kindergarten!

This girl is hilarious! She is learning how to sit up by herself!

But she still prefers to sleep during church...

Mama Dee helped out with this random little girl who fell asleep during Kids Club!

Our 5:30am morning workout crew! (minus Angie now! :(

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