Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Capetown 2016 - Monday!

We have been looking forward to our 2016 family vacation since...our 2015 family vacation! We knew it would be hard to top Disney World, but not really. Just getting away together as a family is what we love - it doesn't matter where! We decided back in February to do Capetown. Our kids (and Blu) love the beach, and I wanted to get Lasik done! Mom & Dad have always wanted to see Capetown too, so we made it a true "family" trip!

We pulled out in the New Day Bus at 6am!

He's such a stud.. Grandpa bought him a new hat!

Quick stop in Choma to see Mom & Dad's new car - the Juke!

A quick milkshake/cappuccino break in Livingstone!

At Livingstone airport!

That's a lot of bags! (we packed several empty to bring back Christmas presents!)

I gotta admit, I love this walk!

This is my "I really hate airplanes..." face. :

This is what Mom & Dad looked like when the airline sprayed the nasty spray in Zambia!

It's not the Himalayas, but it is some poofy clouds!

Daddy & Cambree hanging out during our layover

Meanwhile, Cason was in timeout..

At the Joburg airport, we exchanged the kids' birthday money from USD to Rand!

After some confusion with the car rental company (we needed a vehicle big enough to fit seven people AND all of our luggage!), we got to our hotel around 9:30pm...everyone was TIRED!

Finally made it to Dolphin Beach Hotel!

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