Friday, November 25, 2016

Cason's 8th Birthday Party! the end of a very long, very crazy week, we hosted Cason's 8th Birthday Party! He chose a Minecraft party (what exactly is that...I have no idea...but thank goodness for google and pinterest!)

I love custom made invitations!

Here's a look at the party prep - Bingo and coloring table is ready to go, with the Minecraft bean bag toss waiting in the background!


Pin the Tail on the Minecraft Pig (the WHAT??) and a TNT (why??) piñata ready to go!

For 11 little boys, we went easy with food: hot dogs (except for the homemade 43 hot dog buns I made...that wasn't easy...), chips, cupcakes, and Kool-aid!)

At 4pm, the kids headed over! (The 5 little boys came just for the party, while the "Middle Boys" are spending the night...that means EVERY child at New Day will have come to a birthday party at the Tidwell house this year! #fairnesspatrol)

Minecraft Bingo!

Joseph was the winner!

Yummy chocolate cupcakes with easy Minecraft printables from Easy!

The kids were a little excited about the hot dogs and chips!

Justin felt like a big boy coming to the party!

Time for some Pin the Tail on the Minecraft Pig!

Kefbert, by some miracle, won!

Piñata time - so fun!

Justin got after it!

So did Stanley!

Rush for the candy!

The Minecraft Bean Bag Toss was hilarious - little, tiny Emmanuel was amazing and won, scoring two bulls eyes!

Seriously - get out of this boy's way!

This big brother's smart - when the party was over, he headed down to sleep at the big boys' house! Not sure why he always packs like he's leaving for weeks for one night...

And some other random pics from the week..

Jacey gets Kelitah hugs at prayer & praise!

Mama Dee surrounded by girls!

Uncle Blu and Luumuno

Uncle Blu comforting Axer in church...and Darbi and her mom and dad concentrating very hard on something.. ;)

No more birthday parties at the Tidwell House for 7 months!! :)

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