Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Capetown 2016 - Tuesday!

Be prepared to be bombarded with Capetown Beach pics today! Our kids woke up (at 5am...) shouting about snow. Apparently Cason looked out the window and saw mountains covered in snow! What he actually saw were sand dunes covered in white sand... I have never seen so much sand and so much wind in my life!! What a day!

We were a little windblown...all day long!

We are staying in a 2 bedroom beach cabana right on the beach! Yay for Expedia's flight+hotel deals!

That is our hotel in the background of these muscle men!

The water was FREEZING but my four (I mean three) kids still got in and splashed around!

Our part of Capetown, Dolphin Beach, is the Kitesurfing capitol of the world! (See..I told you it was windy!) There were kites flying and surfers in the water all day long!

Mom & Dad loved it!

The view of Table Mountain is amazing!

Our free breakfast at the hotel was amazing!

Blu & I spent 2 hours doing a Lasik Screening at 3 different eye doctors, learning our way around Capetown!

I'm a perfect candidate! Procedure is Wednesday!

It's pretty easy to please our kids - they yell things like, "Look! Grass!! Carpet!!!"

We took a 2.5 hour shopping break at a mall about 3 minutes from our hotel - got a big part of the stash done for the New Day kids' Christmas wish lists! Lots of perfume, cologne, sunglasses, and umbrellas today!

Blu & the boys didn't make it very long shopping with us girls...

But we did find a McDonalds!

Dad and I found a Kauai for some wraps and coffee date smoothies!

When we got back, we hung out at the hotel's playground!

In the grass...with a cappuccino...

And tried out the swimming pool!

Did I mention we were a little windblown??

We ate supper at our hotel's fancy restaurant, the Blowfish!

The girls are ready to go!

Blu's not big on seafood, so he got this...

Espresso creme brûlée for dessert!

Dad is serious about his seafood!

Mom's "I really hate seafood, but you made me eat here.." face!

I got chicken and prawn risotto with truffle infused parmesan mashed potatoes. Yes.

We headed to the beach one last time before calling it a night to check out the sunset. It was STILL windy!


Some awesome jumping pics in the sand dunes!

Why, yes, that would be me with the giant jump!

What a gorgeous place! Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!

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