Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Working (and playing!) hard!

Things have been busy as usual around here! The team leaves early tomorrow morning, and we will be sad to see them go! They were a great blessing at New Day and willing to do whatever needed to be done!

Claude took some time on Saturday morning to help the boys make derby cars, African style! :)

As you can imagine, the boys LOVED it!!

Claude & Sandy decided to sponsor Teacher Melvin monthly!

Daylene took time every morning to do some speech therapy with Christina. Kailey sat in on the classes so that she can continue working with Christina once Daylene leaves!

Mama Lala busy organizing the resource room!

Orrin & Claude have been busy building wardrobes and pantry shelves for The Ark!

Pastor Rod has taught quite a few Bible studies - here he is this morning getting ready for the new believers' class at 12:30!

Sandy did the children's devotional today

And then she headed over to wash clothes...by hand...with Mrs. Choma!

No pics of Jane today, who had the opportunity to visit a local hospital!

Last night, the team was eating at Wes & Laurie's so we promised our kids a special "play night." We girls had fun playing dolls!

Cuddles from my baby Case

Cambree & Caedmon played Bananagrams with Daddy!

The team leaves tomorrow and things will slow down just a little bit until our next crew arrives on March 21st! :)

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