Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Redeemer Drama

If you know me or have heard my testimony, you know that I struggled with moving permanently to Zambia in 2010. I felt that my kids were going to be forced to give up so many things - Little League, prom, dance class..things that I know have no importance at all in the grand scheme of things, but still made me sad for them to miss. God revealed to me in a simple little church service that if I sought Him first, "all these things" would be added to me, and to my children. Tonight was one of those moments where I got to see some of the "all these things." My kids were able to participate in essentially their first school production, The Redeemer Drama. It is an evangelistic drama that they have been practicing for for weeks with Teacher Jenna. They will be performing it MANY times over the month of April in schools, villages, Easter Sunday, and of course for our many volunteer teams! Tonight I was grateful to God - as my kids were running around the house absolutely crazy excited for their first show, as I cut fresh flowers to present to their "director" on opening night, as I watched them come out and got those mommy nerves in my stomach for them, as I tried not to cry during the standing ovation, as they took their final bow...I was grateful. I know the drama is not about me, and it's certainly not about my kids - it's about the message of Christ. But tonight, I felt like God whispered in my ear, "Remember all these things?" at a time when I've been longing for the USA. I needed that.

Joseph and Muchoni ready for the show!

Teacher Jenna introducing Cambree & Laurie

Caedmon & Machila dancing

The wall of sin

Jenna with her full cast!

Papa Wes gives Misheck a congratulatory hug!

Tracey gets some love from the kids!

Blu, Glory, & Joseph being silly

Jesse showing everyone the ingenius mouse trap he created!

We all enjoyed walking home with these lights!!

I doubt you can see this, but I had to post it....Cason somehow convinced Chad to carry him home while Patrick carried his bike home....

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