Thursday, March 27, 2014


I thought I better blog this morning! Thursday afternoons are my "at home" time, where I write Friday's youth Bible study and Saturday's Kids Club lesson, so I may not be out and about! Here is what people were up to this morning!

Patrick doing some final connections! I rode my bike down to the orphanage part of our land last night and everything was so lit up - gorgeous!

Tracey was frustrated, so I asked her to give me her best frustrated face!!

Warren doing something...I have hardly seen Warren's face this trip because he is ALWAYS working so hard!

Wes working - notice his poor hand - he had a cancerous spot removed from it yesterday and was still at work today!

I saw Mandy in the office nursing a cut and then later doing this...pretty versatile nurse we have! :)

We have gone round and round with the government about Jenna's looked like last night she was going to be leaving us a month early! :( But this morning, we got a call from the visa office saying they had agreed to extend her visa for FREE for 30 days!! Wahoo!! We celebrated by putting her to work with a paintbrush :)

So thankful for the Cooks and Kailey as they spent their day in Choma yesterday shopping for our team of 22 that arrives on Sunday!

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