Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Youth Day 2014!

Yikes!! I just checked my blog and realized I hadn't blogged in 8 days! To make it up to you, I will post quite possibly the most pictures I have ever posted at one time from Zambia! However, because that takes such effort, these pictures will not be in any kind of order, which I know you will understand...(especially if you have ever used my slow computer..) :)

It's Youth Day in Zambia today - a celebration for people ages 13-35! None of our kids are 13, but a few staffers qualify, so we decided a couple of years ago to make it into a fun holiday for all of us! Enjoy the pics from our day!

The 3 legged race winners - this picture cracks me up! Phillip thinks it is time to race again, Axer & Gertrude are freezing, and Mweene is making a totally out of character silly face!

The 3 Legged Race Winners!

Teacher Abby

More 3 legged fun!

Time for the balloon toss, where you can always count on your funny faces being caught on camera!

Axer still freezing...

Blu & Hildah were 3 legged partners and obviously she had just stepped on his toes! :)

This is never a good sign...

Get them!

Cason & Francis ready for the race!

This was the end of one of the relays...there are no words...

Francis decided it might be quicker to just carry his partner!

Haley with her awesome catch!

Debbie saying that she & Haley lost just by a nose!

These are our awesome Spring interns!

One can never trust Hildah...when will I learn?!

She looks so innocent though...

Caedmon adores Teacher Kailey!

The Balloon Toss Winners! (Wes & Laurie are at a conference, so Wes & Elizabeth were dethroned after 2 years of victories!

Cute Cambree

Cason chillin' in a bucket

Sweet Christina

This is Debbie's "I'm going to kill you, Blu" face

Glory, who is known for her constantly crazy hair!


Kefi in a bucket


7th Grade Kelsey has tons of big (& little!) sisters at New Day!

The New Day Kids!

Our newest girl, Malilwe, with her precious toothless smile

Mweene had FUN today!

Sisi :)

Muchoni's awesome face during the balloon toss!

At the end, a "slip n' slide" was fashioned for the kids, which they loved!

A party's not a party without cookies & koolaid!

Misheck...this boy has my heart :)

Francis being silly

Mama Martha didn't do so well on the 3 legged race! :)

Diana & Martha had a blast!

Me & Kelsey - looking fierce and ready for our 3 legged race!

Mandy & Kalenga

Nurse Mandy (often called Dr. Mandy by the kids) and Malilwe

Liz, Abby, and Hildah ready for the fun!

Laurie & Cambree...supposed to be tied together!

Caed & Misheck - the best of friends

Not sure who took this, but gorgeous!

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