Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday at New Day!

Sometimes it is CRAZY when we have volunteer teams back to back, but it is so fun to see the teams get to build on what the team before them did! I remember our South Dakota team working so hard to build the giant storage shelves, and now some of them are filled with towels for our current team! And it's awesome to see the Rosemont team's drills all being charged in The Ark with plugs that the Bartlett team installed just a few days ago!

I put a lot of pressure on myself to blog while teams are here, so their families back home can see what they are up to, but please bear with me as this is a team of TWENTY-TWO people!! Remember, we have 60 acres of land at New Day, so it's hard to keep up with everyone!! Regardless, here are some Monday pics for you!

Blu getting ready for some ceiling work!

Lindsay holding up the bunkbed! Poor Lindsay is getting the boot and being "forced" to come and stay at our house!! She is a few months pregnant and won't be able to sleep at The Ark with all of the paint/stain fumes there!

Look at all these trim pieces painted!

Chris & Tim are heading up the bunk bed building crew

A serious discussion of some kind...

Haleigh is a hard worker!! She painted ALL day!

Kelly & Pam both are 4th grade Math teachers, so they will be taking over my class for the rest of this week to help me out with teaching length conversions!

Randy, the team leader...this is his umpteenth trip to Zambia (8th..9th??? 11th??)

The kids at morning devotion - Wendy is at the other end of the table leading it

Wendy, Michelle, and Will painting away!

This is Geoff, Wes's friend from high school. He is here for one month to help us out at New Day!

Sam, Will, & Ben are now the ceiling crew for The Ark!

Chris & Tim finishing a bunk bed

American cereal!!! Thank you Randy & Hannah!!

Love these three - Kailey, Haley, & Kelsey on their way back from Reading Tutorials

Mary Beth & Lexi (Not sure what Lexi did, but my 3 kids came home talking all about Lexi. Cason worked hard on making her paper hearts all afternoon....) :)

Afternoon playtime with the younger kids

I finally saw Russell around 3pm - he looked EXHAUSTED!!! He spent the day with one of our workers, Godfrey, removing the entire goat pen roof!!

It is almost 5pm and we just spent an hour walking to a nearby village (nobody was home!) We found three children alone, ages 2-4! I stopped by The Ark and saw that one bunkbed is completely done and the others will go up FAST now!! Ready for a nice evening of supper and team devotions!


Sondra Arrington said...

My kids, Haleigh and Will are there helping with all of the other wonderful people from Rosemont. I love, love, love the pictures you posted! Thank you!

Larry Ninas said...

Can I tell you what a precious soul Lexi Sewell is. Her mom's servant spirit and gentleness with others flows through her veins. Give them both a hug for me

Wife, Mom, and Nana said...

Praying for the three precious kids you found taking care of each other...breaks this nana's heart that they were alone.

LisaMarie said...

So excited to see all the work on the Ark as we will be staying there is just a few months with the team from Immanuel Baptist!! Can hardly wait :)