Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday with Rosemont Team!

Right as I headed down with my camera (do people cringe when they see me coming?!), a crew of the guys headed off in the canter truck to get a load of rocks/sand, but here is what everyone else was doing!

Carolyn working on apple crisp dessert for tonight's supper!

The Spaghetti Crew - spaghetti for 64 people!

That moment when you lean up against oil-based paint in your FAVORITE pants. :(

Emily playing "Sojo" in the shelter with the little girls

Sidney & Malilwe hanging out

Pam helping Mweene read

Lexi and Gertrude

Haleigh helping Phillip read. (Mary Beth was reading with Cason in the library, but I didn't know it until later, when Cason said he read with "the Mary one.")

Tim & Blu (bandana buddies) & Geoff working - it is a HOT day, and the majority of the work being done is outside!

Chris working hard (Chris has been to Phil Robertson's house several times!! And now I know Chris, so I'm practically famous!!)

Look at those beauties!

Axer & Anna Beth

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