Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prosthetic Fun!

Here's what's been happening the last couple of days!

That doesn't look safe....

Mulenga is probably Blu's best friend

A trip to Choma Hospital to see if there are possibilities for more leg and eye patients in the future

Chris & Katie working on a leg

Their "workshop" in The Ark

Watching the soccer game...

Esther, our cook for The Ark! She is amazing - teams, you will LOVE her cooking!

Jason & Blu plumbing..

John helping with a leg

A guy nearby knocked out his two front teeth and heard about John being here - now he has 2 new teeth!

Kefi being Kefi.. :)

Every Monday the local widows come to New Day for a few gallons of milk from Martha the Dairy Cow!

The chaos that is Tuesday night Family Dinners - pancakes!

Love these huge papaya trees!

Another great sunset - the rainy season is pretty much over, which means the clouds are going away!

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