Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prosthetics Are Back!!

It's that time again!! It is always exciting when our prosthetic team comes - to get to see people's lives physically transformed in a matter of days is just mind-blowing! To get to share Jesus with them at the same time is incredible. I love it! John is back to do prosthetic eyes, Chris is back to do legs, and they brought 2 new team members - Jason & Katie! Jason is John's nephew and is married to Katie who does legs as well! Enjoy pics from today!

Redeemer Drama crew - presented at Kids Club today!

The "waiting room" in The Ark!

Do you remember this boy from last time? It's 8 year old Arnold!

Only now he's 10 and needs some updates on his leg!

Last time, Chris didn't have time to do Jessica's leg and promised her she would be first in line next time she came. Well, she came today - she was the first one to arrive, and she came in an ox cart! Amazing!

Me chatting with some eye patients!

Zambian flag

Geoff & Kefbert are best buds!

Jason helping out at Kids Club!

John is working on teeth as well as eyes this time - Hildah would kill me if she knew I blogged this pic of her!

Mr. Green came back for an adjustment on his eye!

Chris & Katie's work room

On his way to get a new leg :)

Do you remember this boy? We called him the Boy Scout, and Chris gave him a new leg in 2012. We hoped he would come back today for some adjustments but instead found out he passed away...the cancer that caused his leg to be removed eventually took his life. Friends said he walked on his leg everywhere and the family decided to bury him with it. Wow.

And the sun goes down on another day at New Day...

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