Friday, April 4, 2014

Rosemont Team Friday!

So if I promise you 3 blogs today, can I have a week off from blogging??? I promise they'll be good pictures - and I promise I'll spend next week working on my book! ;)

Here are some great photos captured by Harman on the Rosemont team - sorry about the sideways pics again!

The Team with the New Day Kids

Some of the guys

I love that this team has so many teenagers and so many family groups in it!! It reminds me of my first ever mission trip to Mexico with my dad - special memories there!! Here is Chris with his 15 year old son, Ben.

Russell & his 15 year old son Sam, making their second trip to New Day

The Green Family - Johnny & Michele, 18 year old Sidney and 15 year old Emily. They chose to travel to Zambia together as their last big "family trip" before Sidney heads off to college!

18 year old Anna Beth is a WORKER! (Her mom, Wendy, is on the team as well!)

The boys moving on to another room of ceiling!

Harman doing...something? Not sure what, but I had to blog it!

14 year old Lexi with Cambree (Lexi's mom Pam is on the team as well!)

Mary Beth (making the trip with her fiancé Toby), and Haleigh (whose brother Will is on the team as well!)

I love this man..

Michelle painting with a smile :)

Cute pic of Pam with some of our boys

Team leader Randy with our oh so loveable Kefi

Wendy & Phillip

Harman, Toby, & Mary Beth

Awesome getting to know these girls this week!

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