Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Birthday on this CRAZY Friday!

This is my THIRD blog of the day! Keep reading to find out what that means! :) Today has been CHAOS. Last day of school for the kids. Kailey's birthday party - yay! Cow jumped off a truck while loading and broke his leg - meaning spur of the moment cow butchering/cutting up/freezing. Cason lost his first tooth! Dentist is coming to do "pre-exams" on the kids from 2-4. Bible study at Nabukowa at 3. Bible study at Mapanza at 4. Team's last night and goodbyes. CHAOS!

The last of our "firsts!" :(

The cow in the freezer..

Happy 19th Birthday Kailey!! We love you!

She got macaroni & Cheese, mini Snickers, lotion, body wash, socks, jewelry, an African purse, makeup bag, and $10 for her first Walmart run when she is back in the USA!

The water pouring...

Her roommates MIGHT have put their water in the freezer this morning....

She got them back though....:)

And...I'm out! See you next week!

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