Thursday, April 10, 2014

Field Trip!

Miss me?? ;) School is out, so that means it's time for our field trip! I know, taking kids to the dentist on a field trip is a little cruel, but what can ya do?? :)

The boys, all ready for their dental screenings!

The girls all ready!

Cambree entertaining her friends :)

Love those smiles!

Some of our staffers keeping the kids in line!

And the verdict....3 need teeth pulled, 8 need cleanings, and 4 need cavities! Yikes! (Any dental hygienists want to come to Zambia in 2015????

We then headed to Choma Museum to eat and to do our Redeemer Drama presentation!

Not many people came, but a Hindu woman did come, and another lady who has probably never before heard the Gospel! The Indian woman presented pictures, cookies, and chips to the kids. Her family owns one of the building shops in town - so sweet!

We then headed over to Children's Nest Orphanage to do the drama one last time, and Misheck got to see his little sister, Lusyomo - Faith!

I would bring her home with me if I could!!

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