Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday with Rosemont!

Here's what's happening at New Day today! About seven of the team rode the New Day bus to Choma today for our weekly grocery shopping. While there, the Cooks dropped them off at Children's Nest Orphanage, another orphanage we work closely with! I'm sure they had a great day!

Lindsay with her reading group

Anna Beth


Pam with her handful :)



Sidney & Will painting the never-ending ceiling boards!

Randy & Blu putting up the never-ending ceiling boards!

Wow!! I bet the Bartlett team won't even recognize this room they slept in just 5 days ago!

It's Johnny!! He's been in the ceiling working on electrical things, but today I caught him with a broom in his hand! :)

Debbie and one of her workers, Godfrey, at the goat pen

So that's where Russell has been this whole week!

Randy (team leader) was Nurse Mandy's youth pastor years ago! God used him to open her eyes and heart to missions, and here they both are, in Zambia!

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