Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last of the Prosthetics

Arnold getting his leg fit in the bush of Africa.. ;)

John finally got a smile out of him (almost!) when he gave him a hat!

Blu walking in the bush. Oh how I love this man. :)

Cambree up to no good...

Ms. Carolyn cooking some supper!

This is the plot of land where the New Day Church is building!

Chris & Katie encouraging Arnold


Haley on the tank stand...for the last time!!

Arnold gets a high five from Blu

John & Mweene


Luyando, who was bitten by a snake and had her leg amputated in November of 2013.

Heading home on a motorcycle with her new leg :)


I get to live here :)

Melvin, who was robbed and beaten and his legs set on fire, also got a new leg

Heading home with his new leg :)

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