Thursday, May 1, 2014

Goodbye to our Spring Interns

Today is a sad day as we say goodbye to Jenna, Haley, & Kailey!! Jenna (from Nebraska) arrived with us on January 4th and spent 4 months at New Day. She did AMAZING things, the foremost being teaching our kids The Redeemer Drama. Her creativity was unbelievable, and God is going to use her to do some incredible things for Him in her life!

Haley & Kailey aka "The A-leys" (from Florida) spent 2 1/2 months with us at New day after spending 6 months in South Africa. Kailey spent lots of time with the kids and mastered the New Day Shopping Trips in Choma - she is one organized girl! Her laugh and fun-loving spirit will be missed!

Kailey is #2 on Caedmon's "Love List" (don't ask...) ;)

Haley did an amazing job teaching Sunday School, and was willing to do anything asked of her - from painting to plumbing to making banana bread! Her sense of humor and sweet spirit will be missed!

The staff & kids at New Day will greatly miss these three 19 year olds who quickly became part of our family. Thank you, families, for sacrificing your daughters, granddaughters, and sisters for these past few months. We are so grateful!

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