Monday, May 19, 2014

Team Time!

I woke up and faced a dilemma. Should I put liquid French vanilla creamer in my Starbucks mocha coffee, or flavored hazelnut powder? Should I go with Lucky Charms for breakfast, or strawberry instant oatmeal with a granola bar.'s volunteer season at New Day! :) This week we are so blessed to have one of our original New Day teams from Fellowship Church in Lubbock here! This trip has been planned for about 18 months, so some people have moved away since that time but still came on the trip. That's why this team has members from all over - Lubbock, Lipan, Granbury, Waco, and Colorado Springs! Two of our summer interns who will be here 6 weeks, Billie Anne and Grace from Georgia, also flew in with this team! It was fun during orientation last night to talk about how this is Johnny Boy's FIFTH trip to New Day, and Brandon's 4th!!! In the spirit of that, here is a throwback pic from Lubbock's first trip here back in 2010!

School is in session here at New Day, so it's not easy for me to be everywhere the team is and getting pictures, but I will do my best! Here is our sweet Axer at church yesterday - this girl is ALWAYS looking for a baby to hold!

Cynthia serving at Kids Club, trying to look like Uncle Blu :)

Check out these incredible school backpacks the Sharp family made for the New Day kids, along with awesome school t-shirt!!!

Landon & Chris working on a ceiling...yep, we shamelessly give the worst jobs to volunteers!!

Emily & Marie helping us organize the mounds of kids' clothes we have in storage!!

Geoff helping with the ceiling - this team has identical twin brothers!

Monday morning kids' devotional before school!

My 4th grade class, Machila & Caed, sporting their new bags!

The two Lauries at New Day!

Alex, Brandon, Johnny Boy, Billie Anne, & Grace all headed out into the bush with interpreters this morning to do some survey work in a new area - basically to find out for us: where do people go to church? Are there churches? Are they open to the Gospel? Should we begin a Bible study in this area? It is groundbreaking, exhausting, very rewarding work in the bush of times!

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