Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lusaka Mini-Vacation!

We spent the last 3 days in Lusaka, and I failed miserably at taking pictures. Meaning...I took none. ;) We went for the "Mass Exodus" - Jenna, Haley, Kailey, Geoff, and the Prosthetic Team all flew out on Thursday on 3 different flights (Blu was busy this day!!) But the rest of the time, we were able to have some family time, hang out with Mandy & Carolyn, and spoil our kids! Here are some things we did:

Stayed at the Baptist Mission, took the kids to see Spiderman 2, took the kids to see Rio 2, got ice cream at Mike's Kitchen, ate chicken tikka masala at Food Fayre, ate breakfast at Mugg N' Bean, ate at Dong Fang, went grocery shopping for 2 months, enjoyed a 2 hour WONDERFUL, relaxing meal at Spur, found Cherry Cokes and Dr. Pepper, cranberries, and cappuccino-flavored powdered sugar in the grocery store, read a book, slept late, etc. :)

It was a great 3 days, and we were back to play with and feed the 108 kids that came to Kids Club! Now we have just a week before school starts again and Term 2 is well underway, along with the first of many volunteer teams arriving May 18th!

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