Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Team Pics!

This is a different kind of week, because the team is working in a brand new area. They are leaving at 10am and getting back around 5pm, so it is very hard to get pictures! In a new area, where people have had VERY little contact (if any) with "white people," we are hesitant to snap please forgive my lack of pics! But I promise - John, Alex, Brandon, & Landen are indeed here and are having a great time!!! ;)

Billie Anne helped Caedmon with his FOUR pages of Science homework last night!

Cambree working hard on a card for Uncle Jeff & Aunt Staci Powers

Grace got Barbie duty while Caedmon finished his homework!

Geoff & Chris helping out in the Kindergarten Bible class

Marie finished organizing the clothes storage room - what a job!

She also got to read 2 days this week with her sponsored child, Kelitah!

One of the twins (can't see the earring, so can't tell you who!) thought Cason was pretty funny. I have to say I agree! :)

Cason gives Papa Wes some birthday hugs

Another day, another breakdown.. ;)

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