Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nothin' Much!

A few more days until school starts back, and things are pretty quiet at New Day! The only ones here are our family, Nurse Mandy, Wes & Laurie, and Diana & Carolyn. Abby & Liz are also gone, so it feels empty! April was a fun month of school holidays - we have been playing musical beds! We have had all 19 kids spend the night at our house this past month, and two missionary friends from Choma will be spending the night with Cambree tomorrow night! Tonight Cambree is staying with Little Laurie, Cason is with Joseph, and Misheck is staying here with Caedmon - I can hardly keep up with where my kids are! :)

Cambree wanted me to post this so Mama Dee & Grandpa could see her Winnie the Pooh

Cambree & Laurie

Cambree & Laurie...back in the day :)

Caedmon considers Misheck to be his best friend!

Playing baseball with Daddy (aka Uncle Blu)

We also had a funeral this week for Lucy, Cambree's tiny pet mouse she found. It lived approximately 2 hours, and she fed it cheese and milk in a bottle lid. She organized an elaborate funeral for it, complete with flowers and inviting all of the New Day kids, who all "cried" upon arrival. She even wrote a eulogy - priceless. :)

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