Monday, May 26, 2014

Team's Last Adventure!

The team left with Blu in Bus Number New Day on Sunday after church at 1pm...right on schedule. When Blu called me around 4pm...I could tell immediately from the tone of his voice where they were - stuck on the side of the road. Yep, another breakdown. He said it seemed like a major problem to him, so they called a pastor in Livingstone to see if he could send someone to get them and tow the bus. There was some confusion, and after a couple of hours, a guy in a canter shows up to tow the bus, and take them in the bus. So he towed them for a little bit, but Blu said they were FLYING down the road and he thought they would all surely die in a crash. So, he asked the driver "if you guys could slow down a little, or maybe take us and come back for the bus." The driver went a little crazy - saying that "I have lived in America and I know you don't say "you guys" there and you have offended me!!" (Blu thinks he was offended because Blu asked him to slow down.) So he drove off, leaving Blu & the team stuck on the side of the road. Blu decided to call our Choma mechanic and ask HIM to send someone and tow the bus, so they waited another couple of hours for him. Meanwhile, it was cold outside, so they used flint to start a fire on the side of the road. The team thought this was awesome and even said they were glad they broke down so they could have this adventure. Crazies. At 10pm they finally rolled into Livingstone, found a fast food place open (they were starving!) and got to the lodge. This morning they were able to find 2 taxis to take them to the Botswana border so they could enjoy their safari, and they made it back to Zambia to get an hour of shopping in and get some supper. Tomorrow they will see Victoria Falls quickly in the morning before heading to the airport. Blu will somehow find his way home...with or without Bus Number New Day. Always an adventure here! Meanwhile, here at home....

Lots of fun when Daddy is not around! ;) We miss him though and are ready for him to be home!

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