Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Morning at New Day

As I was walking home from teaching school today, I stopped and took a few pictures of what was happening!

This is the "boys' side" of The Ark - eventually 6 bunkbeds will be in this room! For now, the 4 guys in the Bartlett team are enjoying their man cave!

Jesse spent some time this morning driving the truck to help get the sand needed for cement mixing!

Patrick working on plumbing. He was really taking a break but he jumped up for this picture ;)

Haley & Tracey putting light bulbs in the lights!

Warren & Wes try to fix our plumbing problems!

Kailey helped me out this morning by staying with Caedmon while he was sick (nasty cough)! He adores her and probably had the best morning ever!

His room is just about done! Yesterday I painted 2 walls white and 2 walls black, and today I got some of the d├ęcor hung up!

Please pray for Camp Peteet. He is 14 months old and is Blu's cousin's little boy. This past weekend, the family was working outside and noticed Camp had wondered off. They found him face down in a pond. He is in a hospital in Dallas and the reports so far are encouraging. They will remove him from a ventilator today to see if he can breathe on his own. He is responding some to his parents' voices but is not out of the woods yet and they are unsure as to lasting damage. Thanks for praying!

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