Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Birthday (anniversary) x 3!!

We had some partying going on at New Day today! Glory turned 7 on Sunday, March 2nd!

She giggled through the entire water pouring!

Kelitah will be 8 on Friday!

Cambree & Kelitah are very good friends!

I was laughing at her holding her nose during the candle lighting - she didn't like the smoke!

She got a shirt, some crayons and coloring pad, and a special bag filled with lip gloss, etc.!

Uncle Blu attacks!

Kelitah's uncle, Crispin, brought her to the orphanage in 2011, and her older brother lives with him. He works at New Day almost every day and got to attend her birthday party!

Orrin & Jane celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Glory's birthday! Glory is also the child they sponsor - awesome!

The kids love them!

We pour water for anniversaries too! :)

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