Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A rare post from Blu...

Snakes and Shoulders

Darbi thought of that title (but she's not typing cuz of her shoulder). I ran over a snake tonight on my bicycle! I was riding in the dark and saw it just before I hit it. (It was strangely like hitting a turkey on a motorcycle I would imagine.) I lifted up my feet and tried to jump off the bicycle so that I wouldn't get bit and die. Unfortunately, I ran right into the truck. :) I quickly jumped and jumped and jumped in case the snake was following me. I think subconsciously I think that jumping must frighten away snakes. When I turned around he was staring at me. We stared for a minute and I think he knew my intentions because when I got back with the hoe, he was gone. Somewhere in our yard. Of course we don't have any flashlights, so I had Caedmon's ipad mini (thanks Uncle Cloud) and was tromping through the yard in flip flops trying to find the snake. I finally did and pinned him down and yelled for Wes. Caedmon came running out and went over to get reinforcements. Everyone (except Carolyn) came out to see the excitement and scared the snake off! (I might not have had it pinned down very well.) So we searched for it again and found it hiding in our grass and promptly chopped his head off. Darbi came out to see and a bug flew at her. She thought it was a snake and did a kinda crazy welsh dance and heard a loud pop in her shoulder. Since she is a bush woman, she jerked it back into place, but is now in pain and can't type. So you have an update from me! The Cooks said it was a harmless snake that will never bite people. I have to agree with that, because it's head is no longer attached. :) Cambree was the most excited and got to touch it while it was still wiggling from nerves! Just another day at New Day!

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