Friday, March 28, 2014

Good pics!

These are some pics that Warren on the Bartlett team has taken that I loved! Not sure why some are sideways, but enjoy!

Abby's second grade Science class

This is how Blu looks when he comes home EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Blu and the boys cutting a door for The Ark

Carolyn's first grade Language Arts class

Chad lets the boys watch him fix an outlet in their house

This is why I love volunteers - look at that race! (Sisi totally won...)

Wednesday reading time with Muchoni

Saturday Kids Club

A great view of Debbie's house

Glory jump roping

Hildah's Kindergarten Math class

Jenna with her Bible class in the library

Sweet little Kefi :)

This little boy at Kids Club is representing ATX with his Austin shirt!

I never get tired of posting Kids Club pictures of kids getting fed!

The kids check out how the outdoor lights work

All lit up!!

Patrick teaching the kids the "cabbage patch" :)

The Ark - almost done!

The Bartlett Team - they've worked SO hard and leave for Livingstone tomorrow!!

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