Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday at New Day!

Oh the best laid plans, when it comes to blogging!!! Yesterday was a little bit crazy!! From lunch visitors from West Virginia, to unexpected government visitors, to power outages - I am behind on blogging for the Bartlett team!! Here is what happened Monday/Tuesday!

Caedmon hanging out near The Ark

Cambree striking a pose!

So cute...and mischievous.. :)

Blu taking a rare break to discuss wages with a worker

Chad & Patrick working on electrical outside the house

Jesse, Chad, and Wes wiring lights

Patrick trying to help dig ditches - he didn't last long! Notice he has been elevated to celebrity status at New Day since he is Kofi's dad....which basically means my kids follow him around in awe... :)

Warren & Chad wiring The Ark

Cambree showing off the new outdoor lights - awesome!!

Can you see them along the path?

I noticed these two memorials/honorariums yesterday and wanted to share - I will take more pics today!

Last night at Family Dinner Night was Pizza Night - the boys got to have a cooking class to help make crusts!

Our very own pizzeria!


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