Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday FUN day!!

today was a crazy fun day! It started with Machila and Caedmon's Great Mouse Exhibit in Language Arts. We just finished reading Ralph S. Mouse, so they each wrote a poem, drew a mouse, and made their own mouse maze. We also had some mouse nibbles! I was so grateful for our staff - about 20 people stopped by to see it, and the kids were SO proud!!

Caedmon showing off his maze with some popcorn!

Machila had an awesome maze!

Teacher Haley asked lots of questions that they loved answering!

Mulenga & Kalenga were very impressed!

Teacher Abby was the first visitor!

Meanwhile Papa Wes was busy himself.... ;) He went down to get something at the Luyando house, where the girls begged him to let them paint his nails. He said, "No, I'm a boy!" When they said, "Don't you love us, Papa Wes??" that was all it took... :)

This afternoon, it was time for our fishing trip down to the river! My Friday Youth Girls Bible Study class has had this planned for about a month, and we were all so excited!! Haley, Jenna, Sandy, Jane, & Kelsey joined me! (Kailey went to town today and Mandy stayed back for kids' discipleship classes)

Time for the cows to get a drink! At one point, I saw the cows use the bathroom in the water, a little girl swim, and an old woman fill up 2 buckets to take back to her house....

The ladies ready to catch something big! I even brought a big sharp knife, just in case!!

Still excited at this point!!

Jane caught a branch, which was more than the rest of us caught!

Haley's turn to try!

Jenna REALLY wanted to catch one too! But alas, it was not meant to be...

Two of my 7th grade girls, Lonely and Lwiito

It wasn't all a waste though - Sandy got her hair done!

Oh well, we can hand out some banana muffins that Haley made!

Barbara was the only one we saw who caught anything - two minnow-size fish... oh well! We had a blast!

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